Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Purse Collection For Balenciaga Closet Campaign

Get ready to dive into the fabulous world of Balenciaga’s Closet Campaign, starring none other than Kim Kardashian and Nicola Peltz. These two fashion mavens are giving us a sneak peek into their purse paradise, and it’s a show you won’t want to miss!

Picture this: celebs strutting their stuff in multiple museum-like closets, showcasing their most coveted personal treasures. Balenciaga spared no expense in creating these spaces, and trust us, it’s like a high-fashion episode of MTV Cribs meets a museum tour. We’re talking Balenciaga signature bags, Le Cagole, and the Hourglass – because why settle for one iconic bag when you can have them all?

Joining the star-studded lineup are the likes of Paloma Elsesser, the trendsetting Devon Lee Carlson, the fabulous costume designer and stylist Patricia Field, and the ever-charming actress Roh Yoon Seo. It’s a fashion fiesta, and everyone’s invited!

The masterminds behind the lens? None other than the dynamic duo Inez & Vinoodh, capturing the essence of this closet extravaganza. And what’s the occasion, you ask? Drumroll, please – it’s the grand return of the Balenciaga Le City Bag, making a comeback like it’s 2000 all over again.

Now, onto the pièce de résistance – Kim Kardashian herself, attempting the impossible task of guessing how many bags are in her collection. She confidently throws out the number 130, but here’s the kicker – there are actually 129! Oops, looks like even the queen of closets can miscount in the midst of all that fashion fabulousness.

Balenciaga’s Closet Campaign is not just a campaign; it’s a comedy of couture, a hilarious haute couture affair. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below and get ready to LOL your way through the chicest closet showcase of the century!

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