Cher Debuts Blonde Hair While Out With Alexander ‘A.E.’ Edwards at Paris Fashion Week

Hold onto your wigs! Cher, the eternal queen of pop and fashion chameleon extraordinaire, is at it again, giving us whiplash with her ever-changing looks!

At a sprightly 77 years young, the “Believe” icon decided to treat Paris Fashion Week like her personal playground alongside her beau, Alexander “A.E.” Edwards. And what did she do? Only flipped the script on her hairstyle faster than you can say “Snap out of it!”

Just weeks after rocking the Grammys weekend with sleek black locks, Cher pulled a 180 and went full-on platinum blonde. Because why settle for one iconic look when you can have two in a game of follicular fashion roulette?

But hold your laughter, because the hair game wasn’t the only thing Cher was serving up hotter than a fresh croissant in Paris. Oh no, she strutted her stuff at the Vetements Womenswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 show, looking like a fabulous mix of diva and fashion deity.

Picture this: Cher rocking a voluminous updo like it’s nobody’s business, paired with pants that probably cost more than your rent. It’s like she’s saying, “I woke up like this… because I’m Cher, darling!”

And as if that weren’t enough fabulousness for one day, she rubbed elbows (and probably swapped style secrets) with the likes of Tyga, Marcia Cross, and Guram Gvasalia, the creative mastermind behind Vetements. Can you imagine the level of glam in that room? It’s like the fashion gods themselves descended from Mount Olympus to bless us mere mortals with their presence.

So, while the rest of us struggle to decide whether to wear sweatpants or pajamas for our Zoom meetings, Cher is out there, reminding us that age is just a number and style knows no bounds. Thank you, Cher, for continuing to bless us with your iconic presence and for keeping the world of fashion on its toes. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to bleach our hair and channel our inner goddess.

Cher Debuts Blonde Hair While Out With Alexander ‘A.E.’ Edwards at Paris Fashion Week

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