Travis Kelce’s Brother Jason Trolled by Chicago Restaurant ‘The Wiener’s Circle’

Jason Kelce, the Super Bowl champ and alleged “Taylor’s boyfriend’s brother,” had an unexpected encounter in the Windy City recently, where he ventured into The Wiener’s Circle, a restaurant known for its peculiar sense of humor. As he strutted up to the joint, he was met with a sign that read, “Welcome Taylor’s boyfriend’s brother.” Yeah, you read that right – Taylor Swift’s brother’s boyfriend’s brother. Got it?

This cheeky sign was, of course, referring to the fact that Jason’s brother, Travis Kelce, is dating none other than the pop sensation herself, Taylor Swift. The Wiener’s Circle, not to be outdone by the witty wordplay, captioned a pic of the sign on Instagram as “Mean (Wiener Circles Version),” giving a nod to Swift’s 2010 hit, because why not?

Now, in case you’re wondering, The Wiener’s Circle isn’t your ordinary hot dog joint. Nope, they’ve mastered the art of “verbal abuse” when serving their hot dogs. You can bet your buns they take their insults seriously!

But back to Jason. Despite being a Super Bowl champion and even beating his younger brother in the “Sexiest Man Alive” competition, he took the trolling in stride. A female staffer couldn’t resist throwing a playful jab at Travis, who was busy gallivanting in Argentina for Taylor Swift’s international Eras Tour. She teased that the Kansas City Chiefs player was “too busy chasing Taylor Swift and going to her concerts.” Ouch!

Jason decided to join in on the fun himself while waiting for his meal. “We need to get you on the field. Your mom looks like Michael Strahan,” he quipped back at the cheeky Wiener’s Circle employee. The whole restaurant erupted in laughter, and Jason even ended up being asked for a signed Eagles jersey. Then, as he chowed down on his grub, he humorously remarked, “Food was amazing. The service was terrible.” Classic!

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Meanwhile, Travis Kelce was enjoying his own meal in Buenos Aires, sans the insults, alongside Taylor Swift. The couple was spotted holding hands at Elena restaurant inside the Four Seasons Hotel. They were even accompanied by Swift’s dad, Scott Swift, who strutted alongside the pair as fans clapped and cheered.

It was exclusively confirmed that Travis made the long trip down to Argentina to catch one of Taylor’s shows in the South American country. But don’t get too excited; it’s a quick visit because the tight end has to jet back for his NFL duties. After all, as they say, it’s all fun and games until you have to be back on the field.


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