Emma Stone Got a Black Eye Before Her Wedding

Emma Stone’s journey to the wedding aisle turned into a slapstick comedy before she even said “I do”!

Picture this: The dazzling Oscar-winning actress, the fabulous Emma Stone, was all set to marry funnyman Dave McCary in 2020. But, hold onto your hats, because just days before the big day, Emma’s fridge decided to wage war against her!

In an epic tale recounted on the SmartLess podcast, where hilarity reigns supreme thanks to hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes, Emma spilled the beans on her pre-wedding misadventure. Brace yourselves!

In a tone that could rival the best stand-up comedians, Emma confessed, “So, the week I’m about to get hitched, I innocently reach for the fridge handle, and bam! The thing snaps off, and suddenly, I’ve got a black eye! And that, my friends, is where the chaos begins.”

Sean, always quick with a zinger, declared that Emma “needs a helmet.” And guess what? The star of Poor Things didn’t miss a beat, responding with a side-splitting quip, “I need a helmet and, like, therapy that lasts longer than a Marvel movie!”

Oh, Emma, you truly are a comedic genius, turning fridge fiascos into wedding day wonders. Here’s to hoping her marriage is as sturdy as the handle on that ill-fated refrigerator!

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