Kylie Kelce Reveals Details About The First Time She Met Travis Kelce

Kylie Kelce definitely scored the ultimate brother-in-law jackpot with Travis Kelce!

Kylie confesses it took a hot minute to meet her hubby Jason Kelce’s younger bro, but she’d heard nothing but rave reviews.

On Friday, June 14, the 31-year-old supermom of three popped up on Sterling Holmes’ Stacking the Box show. Holmes, being nosy in the best way, grilled Kylie about her first encounter with the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end extraordinaire, Travis Kelce.

“Jason and I had been an item for quite a while before I finally laid eyes on Travis,” she spilled to Holmes. “I mean, I’m talking at least an entire football season’s worth of waiting!”

Why the delay? Well, according to Kylie, the NFL stars’ schedules were like two ships passing in the night. It wasn’t until the Pro Bowl in Hawaii (tough life, right?) that she finally got to meet the legend she’d heard so much about.

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“It was like diving headfirst into the Kelce family pool! I’d never been on a Kelce family vacay before, and boy, did I get the full experience,” she reminisced. “The whole Kelce crew was there, which is a rare sight. But I’d had months and months of Jason singing Travis’ praises.”

During this time, Jason, 36, could barely contain his excitement, constantly gushing to his wife about “what an amazing person” Travis is. Jason would go on and on about “how kind and generous and loving” his NFL superstar brother was. And as Kylie put it, Travis “absolutely lived up to” all the hype.

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“He is a riot, the best uncle ever, and an outstanding brother-in-law,” the former field hockey player gushed.

The Kelces are one tight-knit clan with two superstar athletes in the family, both of whom have Super Bowl rings to flaunt. And let’s not forget, one of them is dating a global pop sensation. Earlier this year, their mom, Donna Kelce, chatted exclusively with PEOPLE about the wild ride of navigating their new fame heights. “It’s been really surreal and a fun ride to be on,” Donna told PEOPLE in January.

“Being able to be with my kids — the experiences, the places, meeting people I’ve never even dreamed of. I’m thrilled they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor because it’s been a tough journey to get where they are now.” She added that her boys bonded early on, partly because they had no cousins to play with. “My brother didn’t have any kids, and my husband’s sister didn’t either,” Donna said. “[Jason and Travis] would gripe at me for not having cousins to play with at Christmas. We were a tight-knit group, always looking out for each other.”

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“They’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders,” she added.

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