Tish Cyrus Is Addressing “Issues” With Her Marriage To Dominic Purcell

Alright, buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the romantic escapades of Tish Cyrus and her main squeeze, Dominic Purcell. Get ready for a tale so juicy, it’ll make your astrology charts quiver in disbelief!

So, picture this: Tish, the mom-ager extraordinaire of Miley Cyrus, decided to take the plunge with Dominic, the rugged Prison Break heartthrob, back in August 2023. Now, you’d think it’d be all sunshine and roses, but oh no, drama was brewing faster than you can say “celebrity gossip.”

When Tish’s offspring Noah and Braison decided to bail on the wedding, rumors started flying faster than a flock of geese in migration season. Why’d they skip out? Well, the grapevine whispered tales of a love triangle that would make Shakespeare blush. Apparently, Noah had eyes for Dominic before Tish even put him on her radar. Talk about a tangled web!

Fast forward to March 2024, and Tish is spilling the cosmic tea on her Sorry We’re Stoned podcast, because why deal with family drama sober, right? Joined by her daughter Brandi and a mystical guest named Spirit Daughter (because every good podcast needs a sprinkle of the otherworldly), Tish decided to lay it all out there.

Turns out, Tish and Dom weren’t exactly a match made in heaven, according to the stars. She’s a Taurus, he’s an Aquarius, and apparently, that combo is about as harmonious as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Tish spilled the beans, confessing, “Every astrologer out there was like, ‘Girl, don’t even think about it!'”

Their differences? Oh, they’re as glaring as neon signs in Vegas. Tish is as sensitive as a baby’s bottom, while Dom’s about as subtle as a sledgehammer. She’s all about the emotional rollercoaster, thanks to being an only child who was pampered like a prized poodle, while he’s as stoic as Mount Rushmore.

But fear not, for love conquers all! Tish revealed that they’re tackling their issues head-on, like warriors battling dragons in the realm of relationship woes. “The growth I’ve had with him is crazy,” she exclaimed, probably while sipping on some herbal tea and consulting her crystal ball.

So, what’s the secret sauce to their cosmic love story? Communication, baby! Instead of throwing tantrums like a toddler denied dessert, they’re having actual conversations. Who knew that was an option? Tish’s newfound mantra? “Let him have an opinion, even if it’s wrong,” she quipped, with a wink and a smile.

The saga of Tish and Dom, a tale of star-crossed lovers navigating the treacherous waters of family drama and astrological incompatibility. Who needs reality TV when you’ve got this cosmic soap opera unfolding before your very ears?


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