Actress Jennifer Lewis Talks About Falling Off A Balcony In Africa

Guess what, Jenifer Lewis is back and kicking, literally! The 67-year-old dynamo from Black-ish recently shared her wild adventure of falling off a balcony while living it up in Africa back in November 2022. And let me tell you, it’s a tale packed with more drama than your favorite soap opera!

Picture this: Jenifer and her buddy Laurie were on a whirlwind tour of South Africa and Rwanda, having the time of their lives. But things took a hilarious turn when they landed in Tanzania for some safari action. First night vibes, Jenifer strolled out onto her deck to check out the view, only to find herself hurtling into a dry ravine faster than you can say “safari selfie gone wrong!”

“It was like something out of a slapstick comedy,” Jenifer laughed, recounting the moment. “One minute I’m admiring the view, the next I’m doing my best impression of a pancake on the ground!”

Now, let me set the scene for you. It’s dark, it’s wild, and Jenifer’s lying there in a heap, contemplating her life choices. But fear not, our heroine isn’t one to stay down for long. Summoning her inner diva, she calls out to Laurie for help, because even in the face of danger, a little sass goes a long way!

Cue the heroic entrance of Doctors Without Borders, swooping in like something straight out of an action movie. Before she knew it, Jenifer was being airlifted to Kenya faster than you can say “get well soon.”

Now, let’s talk about the real MVP of this adventure: Dr. Parmenas Oroko, the orthopedic magician who pieced Jenifer back together like a real-life Humpty Dumpty. “That man’s got hands of gold,” Jenifer gushed, recalling the moment she first laid eyes on her knight in shining scrubs.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and morphine drips. Oh no, Jenifer had to endure a nine-hour surgery that left her with more titanium than your average superhero. And let’s not forget the three blood transfusions and the cozy six-day stay in the ICU, where she traded jokes with the nurses like she was headlining a comedy show.

But the real kicker? Jenifer couldn’t laugh. Yep, you heard that right. The queen of comedy was temporarily dethroned by a pesky fracture that made even the slightest chuckle feel like a punchline gone wrong.

But did she let it get her down? Not a chance! Jenifer tackled her rehab with the same gusto she brings to the screen, turning “ouch” into “ouch-yeah!” with every step of the way. From Cedars-Sinai to the California Rehabilitation Institute, she strutted her stuff like the true diva she is, leaving therapists in awe of her can-do spirit.

So what’s the moral of this rollercoaster ride of a story? Simple: laughter really is the best medicine, even when you’re in a world of hurt. And if Jenifer Lewis can turn a tumble in Tanzania into the ultimate comeback story, then you better believe anything is possible!

Actress Jennifer Lewis Talks About Falling Off A Balcony In Africa


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