Noah Cyrus Was Dating Dominic Purcell Before Her Mom Tish Cyrus Married Him!

Get ready for a plot twist so wild, it’ll make your head spin faster than a turbo-charged merry-go-round.

So, picture this: Dominic Purcell, the man of the hour, finds himself in a love sandwich with none other than Noah Cyrus and her dear old mom, Tish. Yes, you heard that right – a love triangle that could give Shakespeare a run for his money!

Now, before you start questioning reality, let’s dive into the juicy details. According to the grapevine, Dominic wasn’t just exchanging pleasantries with Tish before they tied the knot. Nope, he apparently had a fling going on with none other than Noah herself! Talk about keeping it all in the family.

So, how did this tangled web of romance unravel? Well, it all began with Tish spilling the tea on a podcast, revealing how she slid into Dominic’s DMs like a pro. But here’s the kicker – turns out Noah had a little something-something going on with Dominic before Tish even got in the game. Whoopsie-daisy!

According to insiders, Noah and Dominic were playing a game of romantic tag, passing the baton back and forth in a classic case of ‘friends with benefits.’ But then, just as Noah was ready to claim her prize, Tish swooped in like a love-hungry superhero, oblivious to the fact that her daughter had dibs on the guy first. Awkward much?

Now, you might be wondering, where was Noah when Tish and Dominic were exchanging vows and promising eternal love? Well, she was probably off somewhere, nursing a broken heart or maybe just avoiding the wedding drama like a pro. Can’t blame her – who needs front-row seats to their mom’s love life, right?

A love saga so bizarre, even Hollywood couldn’t dream it up. Who needs soap operas when you’ve got the real-life drama of Dominic, Tish, and Noah? Grab the popcorn and buckle up, because this rollercoaster ride is far from over!

Noah Cyrus Was Dating Dominic Purcell Before Her Mom Tish Cyrus Married Him!


  1. […] When Tish’s offspring Noah and Braison decided to bail on the wedding, rumors started flying faster than a flock of geese in migration season. Why’d they skip out? Well, the grapevine whispered tales of a love triangle that would make Shakespeare blush. Apparently, Noah had eyes for Dominic before Tish even put him on her radar. Talk about a tangled web! […]


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