‘Sopranos’ and ‘Goodfellas’ Star Suzanne Shepherd Dies at 89

Prepare to bid farewell to the legendary Suzanne Shepherd, the actress who made us laugh, cry, and occasionally question our life choices. At the ripe age of 89, she’s taken her final bow, leaving us with memories that will outlast even the most stubborn glitter glue.

Tom Titone, Suzanne’s partner in crime and Facebook extraordinaire, officially spilled the beans on her grand exit. In a post that probably broke all social media etiquette rules, he declared, “Suzanne Shepherd has left the building, folks. She ditched this mortal coil very gracefully yesterday morning. At 89, she decided it was time to trade Goodfellas for a good afterlife.”

Tom fondly reminisced about their good old acting days, claiming Suzanne saw potential in him when he still thought “method acting” involved a lot of snacks. She even played matchmaker, introducing him to his significant other. Talk about an overachiever – actress, life coach, and Cupid on the side.

The highlight of Suzanne’s career? Well, apart from stealing scenes in Goodfellas and The Sopranos, she officiated Tom’s wedding. Picture this: Suzanne, the minister of matrimony, under a dazzling gazebo in Central Park, uniting lovebirds with her theatrical flair. Move over, Shakespeare – there’s a new playwright in town.

Describing Suzanne, Tom couldn’t resist emphasizing her colossal presence. She wasn’t just a person; she was a force of nature, a hurricane in human form. Life, according to Tom, was her personal comedy show, and she roared through it like a lioness who just discovered a stash of chocolate-covered bacon.

Let’s not forget Suzanne’s unforgettable roles, from playing Karen’s mom in Goodfellas to gracing The Sopranos as Mary DeAngelis. She even dabbled in classics like Lolita, Uncle Buck, and Mystic Pizza. Because why settle for just one iconic performance when you can have a whole buffet?

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So here’s to Suzanne Shepherd – the actress, the matchmaker, the life coach, and the minister of matrimony. May the afterlife be as star-studded as the roles she aced in her time on this chaotic stage called life. Rest in peace, Suzanne, and may the celestial audience give you a standing ovation.


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