Shia LaBeouf Receives Catholic Confirmation

Shia LaBeouf just leveled up in the faith game, and it seems like he’s got more celestial adventures in the pipeline!

Picture this: on a chill Sunday (December 31), our favorite Transformers hero, now a wise 37-year-old, officially joined the ranks of the holy squad – the Catholic Church, that is.

Breaking the news in style, the Capuchin Franciscans couldn’t contain their joy and spilled the holy beans on Facebook. They revealed that Shia has not just dipped his toes but has done a full cannonball into the Church waters.

In their post, they exclaimed, “Hallelujah! Shia LaBeouf is now part of the Church crew, and our Franciscan hearts are doing the cha-cha in celebration!” They went on to spill the holy tea that Shia has been on this intense spiritual rollercoaster, and they’re here for the ride.

“Join us in a heavenly happy dance as we welcome Shia into the holy huddle. Send him good vibes and prayers as he embarks on this divine journey, seeking divine GPS coordinates for his life,” they urged, tossing in some pics of the actor and the friars – perhaps discussing the best way to turn holy water into coffee or debating the ultimate strategy for bingo night.

And here’s the kicker: Shia’s confirmation sponsor, Brother Alexander Rodriguez, spilled some heavenly gossip to the Catholic News Agency. Apparently, Shia’s got grand plans of becoming a deacon in the future. Yes, you heard it right – our favorite guy from Transformers wants to add ‘Deacon’ to his already impressive resume.

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Brother Alexander spilled the holy beans, sharing that Shia’s epiphany struck him like a lightning bolt after playing a role in the 2022 blockbuster Padre Pio. The confirmation ceremony even went down in the same holy hotspot where Shia prepped for his heavenly acting gig. Talk about full-circle divine drama!

So here’s to Shia LaBeouf, the latest member of the celestial club, taking his faith to the next level. May his spiritual journey be filled with more plot twists than a Marvel movie, and may he find divine guidance even when choosing between holy water and regular H2O. Amen to that!


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