Kelly Osbourne Reflects On Her Time On Fashion Police But Has Little To Say About Giuliana Rancic

Kelly Osbourne is reminiscing about her wild ride on E!’s Fashion Police, and it’s nothing short of a fashionista’s fever dream!

Our beloved purple-haired rebel was a sassy correspondent on the show from 2011 to early 2015, dishing out zingers and hot takes on the latest red carpet catastrophes. She rubbed elbows with the legendary Joan Rivers, Giuliana Rancic, George Kotsiopoulos, and for a fleeting season, Kathy Griffin, Melissa Rivers, and Brad Goreski.

In a recent episode of the hilariously chaotic Osbournes Podcast, Kelly got all nostalgic about her time with Joan, describing it as “the best job I’ve ever had” and “the closest thing I had to working with my mom.” Cue the tissues.

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But when the conversation shifted to Giuliana, things got spicier than a jalapeño in a heatwave. Sharon Osbourne, ever the pot-stirrer, brought up Giuliana, prompting Kelly to deliver a scathing, “We don’t need to give her any f—king anything.” Burn, baby, burn!

If your memory needs a little refresher, Kelly exited the show in a blaze of glory in February 2015 after Giuliana made some eyebrow-raising comments about Zendaya’s dreadlocks at the Oscars. The backlash was swift and merciless.

Kelly’s brother, Jack Osbourne, spilled the tea on the podcast: “One of the co-hosts made a really kind of a f—king racist comment about her hair, and nothing happened to the woman that made the comment. And then Kelly kind of took the stand of, like, ‘That’s f—–d up. I don’t wanna work with someone like that.’ And then it somehow got turned around that Kelly said the comment, but Kelly didn’t say the comment.” Drama alert!

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Kelly confessed she regretted how everything went down, especially since it caused pain for Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers. “It turned into this whole thing, and it made me take a long hard look at where I was, and it made me realize that I didn’t wanna be there without Joan,” she lamented. “It’s one of my biggest regrets in all of it, to be honest with you, was how Melissa got hurt in all of it because she had just lost her mom and then the show.”

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In true Osbourne fashion, Kelly stormed off the set of Fashion Police, declaring, “I will not be dragged into this.” Mic drop.

Not long after, Kathy Griffin also waved goodbye to the show, leaving behind a trail of broken hearts and bewildered fans.

Kelly Osbourne’s stint on Fashion Police was a rollercoaster of fabulous fashion, fiery feuds, and unforgettable moments.

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