Kelly Ripa Is “Offended” Over Andy Cohen Drug Allegations

Picture this: the Real Housewives of New York City’s Leah McSweeney, no stranger to the spotlight or the occasional hiccup, decides to stir the pot with a lawsuit against none other than the king of reality TV himself, Andy Cohen, and the Bravo network. Her claim? That they’ve been orchestrating scenarios so twisted they could make a soap opera writer blush, all in the name of ratings.

Leah throws in some spicy allegations about Andy’s alleged fondness for the ol’ nose candy, claiming he’s got a ‘proclivity for cocaine usage’ that rivals a squirrel’s love for nuts. She even suggests he’s handing out special treatment to Housewives who partake in his supposed powder party.

Now, enter stage left, Kelly Ripa, the OG daytime diva and Andy’s ride-or-die buddy. She’s not having any of it. Nope, not on her watch. In a podcast episode that’s hotter than a New York summer sidewalk, Kelly comes out swinging in defense of her pal.

“I’ve seen Andy in all his glory. We’re talking pre-kids vacation mode, the real deal,” Kelly spills to her guest, Kyle Richards, who’s probably nodding along like a bobblehead on a dashboard. “And let me tell ya, not a sniff of the white stuff in sight!”

Kyle, bless her heart, chimes in, backing up Kelly’s defense with her own testimony of Andy’s professionalism. “I’ve been around the guy more times than I can count, and believe you me, I’ve never stumbled upon a hidden stash or witnessed any of this drama she’s spouting.”

But hold onto your pearls, because Kyle’s not done dropping truth bombs just yet. “It’s a sign of the times, people. Accusations flying left, right, and center like confetti at a Housewives reunion. It’s enough to make even the most seasoned reality star shed a tear into their Skinnygirl cocktail.”

A tale of friendship, loyalty, and more drama than you can shake a Swarovski-encrusted scepter at. Just another day in the wild world of reality TV, where even the most absurd accusations can’t dim the sparkle of a true friendship.

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