Sophia Bush’s Divorce From Grant Hughes Might Be Turned Into a Movie

Sophia Bush is spilling the beans about her divorce drama, and she’s got a blockbuster idea to turn her heartbreak into a Hollywood hit.

The 41-year-old dynamo from One Tree Hill waved farewell to wedded bliss with husband Grant Hughes in August 2023, just 13 months into their marriage. If you’re wondering why the marriage train derailed, mark June 27 on your calendar—apparently, that’s when the love boat hit an iceberg.

But fear not, because Sophia’s post-divorce life is starting to resemble a rom-com script. Rumor has it she’s now scoring goals in the dating game with soccer player Ashlyn Harris.

So, what’s the juicy gossip from Sophia herself?

In the most recent episode of her Drama Queens podcast, Sophia spilled the tea on how she and her pals have transformed the somber topic of divorce into a laugh-out-loud group chat extravaganza.

Picture this: Sophia, chatting it up with her co-host Bethany Joy Lenz, dropped the bombshell that her squad dubbed their divorce discussions as the “Hot Divorce Summer” group chat. Move over, Megan Thee Stallion; there’s a new anthem in town.

As Sophia recalls, “I was like the fact that we have this group chat that is literally giving everybody life and people are trading recommendations for lawyers, sending each other quotes from phenomenal writers. We have a book club going. We’re sending each other really hilarious memes from TikTok. It just got so great.”

And here’s the kicker—Sophia, the genius storyteller, proposed turning this rollercoaster of emotions into a full-fledged movie. That’s right, “Hot Divorce Summer: The Rom-Com You Didn’t Know You Needed.”

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Bethany couldn’t agree more, chiming in with, “That’s the rom-com I want to watch!” Move over, Bridget Jones; there’s a new leading lady in town, and her name is Sophia Bush, bringing laughter, memes, and divorce drama to a theater near you!


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