Ryan Gosling Fights a Mink Coat in Deleted Scene From ‘Barbie’

In the wacky world of Barbie, Ryan Gosling didn’t just dance with danger – he battled his own coat in a fight scene that never made it to the big screen!

Barbie, the cinematic sensation of 2023, has Barbie-dolled its way into the hearts of audiences, raking in over a billion bucks globally since its July premiere. Unearthed from the cutting room floor are scenes so outrageous they’d make a plastic doll blush.

Enter Ryan Gosling’s alter ego, Ken, ready to throw down with fashion faux pas in a deleted spectacle that’s pure couture chaos. Picture this: Ken, the man of plastic perfection, busting moves and duking it out with his very own white mink coat during his soulful serenade, “I’m Just Ken.”

Greta Gerwig spilled the beans on this epic battle when she swung by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to chat about Barbie’s streaming debut on Max. According to Greta, Ryan’s brainstorm was a dance-off of epic proportions between Ken and his feisty fur. The coat played hard to get, switching from a lover’s embrace to a fierce tussle, finally triumphing over Ken in a dramatic showdown. And if that wasn’t bizarre enough, Greta revealed they actually filmed it!

“Yes, you heard it right. Somewhere in the film archives, there’s footage of Ryan Gosling twirling and tangling with his mink masterpiece. It’s stashed away like a hidden treasure, waiting to be discovered,” Greta spilled, with a twinkle in her eye. “Even though Ken’s coat capers didn’t make the final cut, it’s a testament to the wild creativity that shaped the film. We had a blast exploring the world of mink ballet – a week of pure, unadulterated fun!”

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The untold tale of Ken’s dance with fashion destiny, a furry fiasco that’s both fabulous and far-fetched. Who knew Barbie’s world was so full of twirls, whirls, and mink-coat twisters? Now, we can’t help but wonder what other plastic shenanigans were left on the editing room floor!


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