Shawn Mendes’ Girlfriend Charlie Travers Moves Into His Home

Guess what? Heartthrob of the pop world, Shawn Mendes, is taking the plunge into serious adulting. Yep, the 25-year-old sensation seems to be setting up camp with his new flame, the dazzling 37-year-old Charlie Travers. And guess what? There are pictures to prove it!

This weekend, Charlie was spotted hauling her life’s belongings into Shawn’s swanky $4.6 million mansion in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles. And let me tell you, it wasn’t your average moving day ensemble. Charlie, the fashion icon, sported a white bra top under a tie-dye sweatshirt that probably had more colors than a unicorn’s dream, paired with white sweatpants and boots that screamed, “I’m here to slay and move stuff!”

Shawn, being the supportive boyfriend, strutted alongside her in a beige jacket, black pants, and tan boots. I mean, who says moving can’t be a fashion show? Picture this: Shawn, the chill boyfriend, and Charlie, the style queen, turning moving day into a runway.

Now, this whirlwind romance took off less than a month ago. They first turned heads at a fancy restaurant in West Hollywood on November 7, and the next day, they hit the headlines by frolicking on the beach in their underwear. Yes, you heard it right. Who needs clothes when you’re in the honeymoon phase?

But let’s not forget Shawn’s past adventures in the romance department. Before Charlie, there was the whole on-again, off-again saga with Camila Cabello. According to sources (because who doesn’t trust those mysterious insiders?), Shawn and Camila dipped their toes back into the relationship waters but decided it was more like a kiddie pool than an Olympic-sized love affair. They’ve officially called it quits, realizing that some things are better left in the past. You know what they say – if it didn’t work the first time, maybe it’s time to try a new swimming pool.

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And who could forget Shawn’s brief rendezvous with Dr. Jocelyne Miranda? A biomechanics expert, no less! They were seen together multiple times, including on Shawn’s 25th birthday. However, despite the rumors, the romance remained about as confirmed as my plans for next weekend – nonexistent.

The rollercoaster of Shawn’s love life. From tie-dye moving days to beach escapades in underwear, our boy is living his best romantic comedy. Stay tuned for the next episode of “Shawn and Charlie: Moving Boxes and Heartaches.”

Shawn Mendes’ Girlfriend Charlie Travers Moves Into His Home


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