Billie Eilish Seemingly Wasn’t Happy About the Tik-Tokers at the People’s Choice Awards

So, picture this: the 2024 People’s Choice Awards was the event of the century, at least according to social media. Billie Eilish, reigning queen of cool, strolled in like she owned the place. And you know what? She probably does.

But oh, the drama! People are losing their marbles over a little chat she had with none other than Kylie Minogue. Yeah, the Aussie pop sensation herself.

In this viral clip that’s lighting up X (formerly known as Twitter, for all you cool cats), Billie seems to be whispering some juicy gossip to Kylie. What’s got everyone’s knickers in a twist? Billie apparently let slip about the guest list.

“There’s some like… TikTokers here,” Billie supposedly murmurs, as if she’s about to reveal the secret ingredient to Kylie’s famous Spaghetti Bolognese. But oh no, she didn’t stop there. She went full-on covert ops, covering her mouth like she’s divulging state secrets.

Then, the pièce de résistance: she points over her shoulder and does some hand gymnastics that would make even Simone Biles proud. Cue the speculation circus! Is Billie not a fan of the TikTok tribe infiltrating the sacred grounds of the People’s Choice Awards? Or maybe she’s just really into charades.

Whatever the case, Billie Eilish has once again proven she’s the master of mystery, leaving us all scratching our heads and desperately refreshing our feeds for more tea. And hey, if you need a good laugh, just hit replay on that video. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


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