Ariana Grande Shoots a New Music Video for ‘AG7’

Our girl Ariana Grande took over the streets of New York City for her upcoming album’s music video, and let’s just say, it’s a vibe!

On a random Tuesday (because why not?), the 30-year-old queen of “Positions” was spotted on the set of her latest masterpiece. Miles Diggs, aka the paparazzi maestro, shared some behind-the-scenes gems, giving us a sneak peek into the Grande spectacle that’s about to hit us.

Now, Ariana has been dropping hints like breadcrumbs in a fairy tale forest about her seventh album, and we’re here for the scavenger hunt. Picture this: Ariana, styled by the fabulous Mimi Cuttrell, strutting around NYC in an outfit that screams “chic adventurer.” Leather wrap top? Check. V-neck miniskirt? Double-check. And let’s not forget those leather gloves – because you never know when you might need to pull off a spontaneous jazz hands moment in the city that never sleeps.

Our Wicked star didn’t hold back on the iconic high pony, because why fix what ain’t broke? Diggzy spilled the tea on Instagram, declaring, “go time @arianagrande.” Ariana, being the sweetheart she is, gave it a nod with not one but two heart emojis. We stan a supportive queen.

But the paparazzi game isn’t just for Instagram – it’s a whole Threads affair. Diggzy blessed us with more Grammy-worthy shots, captioning them with the mysterious “#Ag7.” Are we decoding a secret message or just witnessing the birth of a new Ariana era? Either way, we’re on board.

Ariana herself couldn’t resist sharing the joy on her Instagram Story, reposting a pic of her radiant smile and those hands gracefully clasped together. It’s like Christmas came early for Arianators – consider the excitement levels officially through the roof!

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And if you thought this NYC escapade was a one-time thing, think again. Ariana teased us with glimpses of her studio adventures on December 7 and December 27. It’s like she’s handing out gifts and we’re not complaining. New music, new vibes – thank you, Ari, for being the gift that keeps on giving. Can’t wait for the Ag7 era to hit us like a high note in a crowded subway station! 🎤💃


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