Jennifer Aniston Supports The Matthew Perry Foundation

Guess what Jennifer Aniston was up to on Giving Tuesday? She wasn’t just casually sipping her coffee and wondering what socks to buy on Cyber Monday leftovers. No, no, she had Matthew Perry vibes swirling around in her head.

Now, in case you’ve been living under a rock (or in a cave without Wi-Fi), Giving Tuesday is that fabulous day after Black Friday and Cyber Monday when people channel their inner Mother Teresa and throw some charitable love into the world.

But back to Jennifer and her Friends drama. After the unfortunate departure of her co-star Matthew Perry earlier this month (cue the sad violin music), she decided it was time to nudge her fans into the world of giving. And not just any giving—she wanted them to splash their cash on some noble cause.

So, what does she do? In a now-vanished post on her Instagram story (blink, and you missed it), Jen drops the bomb: “Hey, lovely people, let’s do something meaningful for #GivingTuesday. Join me in supporting the Matthew Perry Foundation! Yep, that’s right, the one started by our dear departed Chandler Bing.”

And what’s this foundation all about? Well, it’s on a mission to tackle addiction. You know, because apparently, dealing with the antics of Joey, Ross, and the gang wasn’t challenging enough for Chandler. But hey, it’s a good cause, right?

Jennifer Aniston, the charity cheerleader, urging you to open your hearts and wallets. Because nothing says “I miss my co-star” like making a donation and imagining Matthew Perry somewhere in the sitcom heavens saying, “Could you BE any more generous?” Cheers to Friends, laughter, and making the world a better place, one donation at a time!

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Jennifer Aniston Supports The Matthew Perry Foundation


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