Cynthia Erivo Opens Up About Working With Ariana Grande on ‘Wicked’

Cynthia Erivo can’t stop raving about her duets with none other than her partner in magical crime, Ariana Grande! Yes, the dynamic duo is teaming up for the film adaptation of the Broadway sensation, Wicked, where they play the not-so-friendly pair Elphaba and Glinda.

During a recent appearance on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, Cynthia spilled the beans on their harmonious collaboration. “She calls it worming,” Cynthia chuckled. “I mean, our voices are like night and day, but when we belt it out together, it’s like we’re in perfect harmony. We discovered this magical vocal fusion during rehearsals. It’s like our voices went to couple’s therapy and came out as one big happy sound.”

Cynthia, clearly high on the musical magic, continued to share their musical bromance. “It’s mind-blowing. We’re both in awe. I love hearing her, she loves hearing me. It’s like a musical love story. When we find that sweet spot together, it’s like hitting a high note in friendship.”

But that’s not all – brace yourselves for the blockbuster revelation that Cynthia Erivo is the ultimate multitasker. Not only is she belting out tunes, but she’s also the fearless daredevil of Wicked. “Playing this role is like winning the jackpot of roles,” Cynthia spilled on the TODAY Show. “It’s a rollercoaster of excitement, fun, insanity, and heartache. Oh, and did I mention I’m doing my own stunts? Yeah, I’m the Beyoncé of Wicked – singing live and defying gravity at the same time!”

As the Wicked movie continues its magical production journey, with approximately 10 days left to capture the enchantment, reports suggest the film will hit screens in November 2024. Get ready for a Wicked good time – it’s bound to be a musical spectacle with these two powerhouse performers at the helm!

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