Prince Harry Ordered to Pay The Mail on Sunday £48,000

In the royal saga that’s more dramatic than a soap opera, Prince Harry has been handed a royal bill to the tune of £48,000 after his legal skirmish with the Mail on Sunday. It turns out the Mail on Sunday wasn’t just delivering news; they were also serving up a hefty dose of legal consequences.

Justice Nicklin, the ringmaster in this courtroom circus, declared that the Mail on Sunday had a “real prospect of demonstrating that an honest person could have held the view” that Prince Harry’s statement was nothing short of a “masterclass in the art of spinning.” Ouch, talk about spinning out of control!

Now, Harry’s got to dig into his royal pockets and fork over the cash to cover the Mail on Sunday’s legal expenses. It’s like paying for a front-row seat to a comedy show you didn’t even want to attend.

In March, Harry attempted to pull a disappearing act on the Mail on Sunday’s “honest opinion” defense, arguing that their whole defense was built on “two provably false premises.” It’s like a magician trying to debunk his own trick – not so magical after all, huh?

The Mail on Sunday, however, stuck to their guns, insisting that their article, which claimed Harry was trying to hide his quest for publicly funded protection, was just an “honest opinion” and didn’t harm the royal’s reputation. Because, you know, calling someone out for trying to get free security is just a friendly observation.

In the grand finale of this legal circus, the government swooped in to defend their decision to strip Prince Harry of full protection. They argued that he got fair treatment, and they even threw in some occasional security as a parting gift. It’s like getting a consolation prize after being voted off a royal reality show.

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So, as the curtain falls on this legal drama, Prince Harry is left with a lighter wallet and a lesson in the art of spin – a skill that might come in handy in the royal circus of life. And the Mail on Sunday? Well, they’ve earned their spot as the court jesters, delivering laughs and legal bills in equal measure.


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