A.I. Makes A Fool Of Katy Perry’s Mom Who Thought Her Daughter Attended The Met Gala

So, picture this: Katy Perry skips out on the Met Gala, but her fans, and even her mom, are convinced she made a surprise appearance. How? Well, buckle up, because AI (that’s artificial intelligence, not “Absolutely Insane” like her mom might think) comes into play.

These fake photos start making the rounds, showing Katy in outfits that scream “Met Gala chic.” We’re talking about dresses that wouldn’t look out of place in a garden party hosted by the Queen of England. You know, the kind of attire that makes you wonder if you accidentally stepped into Wonderland.

Now, instead of denying the rumors, Katy decides to play along. She shares these AI-generated masterpieces on her Instagram, with a caption that’s just the cherry on top of this digital cake: “Sorry, Met Gala, work calls!”

But wait, it gets better. Mama Perry enters the chat with a text that’s a mix of pride and confusion. She’s all, “Hey, Feather (yeah, we’re still trying to figure out that nickname), didn’t know you snuck into the Met. That gown though! You look like you could lead the Rose Parade, float and all! LOL.”

Katy, being the dutiful daughter she is, sets the record straight, with a side of sass. “Mom, mom, mom,” she replies, “the AI gotcha! It’s all fake, just like that time I convinced you I was the tooth fairy until I was 15. Beware of the bots, they’re sneaky little buggers!”

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