Prince Harry Once Threw Teenage Girls Into a Swimming Pool

Get ready to hear the most epic tale from Prince Harry’s legendary party era! So, the Duke of Beaufort spilled the royal tea during an Oldie literary lunch, and let me tell you, it’s a tale that’ll make you snort your tea.

Picture this: a bunch of awkward teenagers, all huddled around a massive, circular swimming pool in the country mansion. It’s the 18th birthday bash of the duke’s niece, and things are about to get wild.

Enter Prince Harry, aka the Spare author, crashing the party like a mischievous hurricane. The teens, not exactly the masters of social grace, are just standing there, not sure how to break the ice. And then, out of nowhere, Harry decides to play a little game called “Into the Pool You Go!”

Without a word of explanation, he grabs a poor unsuspecting girl and tosses her into the water like he’s auditioning for the Royal Olympics of Hurling People. Shocked faces turn into fits of laughter faster than you can say, “Is this a royal pool party or a water ballet?”

Our Prince Charming doesn’t stop there. Oh no, he’s on a roll. Like a crazed truck driver loading bags of coal onto a lorry, Harry starts picking up girls one by one and tossing them into the pool. It’s like a bizarre aquatic ballet, orchestrated by the Spare himself.

The duke, still trying to wrap his head around the unexpected aquatic show, recounts the scene with sheer amazement. “Maybe Harry wasn’t used to getting such rave reviews for his jokes,” he muses, as if the prince is some stand-up comedian turned aquatic acrobat.

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Just when you think the madness might go on forever, enter the hero of our story—the Duke of Beaufort’s butler. This unsung champion grabs Harry by the scruff of his royal neck and hauls him away from the poolside circus. And just like that, the reign of the aquatic prankster comes to an end.

A tale of teenage awkwardness, royal mischief, and a butler who put an end to the madness. Prince Harry: The Party Prince, making a splash one girl at a time!


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