Beyonce Releases ‘My House’ From ‘Renaissance’ Film

Beyoncé just dropped a bomb on December like it’s no big deal – she unleashed her latest track, “My House,” and it’s funkier than a disco ball at a roller-skating rink!

Picture this: Queen Bey strolling in after slaying the London Premiere of her movie, “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé.” And just when you thought she might take a breather, she goes, “Nah, let me gift the world with a musical masterpiece.”

So, this track, “My House,” is not just any song; it’s the secret sauce in her upcoming film. You know, the one that’s hitting theaters on December 1 – mark your calendars, people!

And oh boy, the lyrics are like a peek into Beyoncé’s diary. She’s belting out, “When I grow up I’m gon’ buy me a (House) / Make love in the (House) / Stay up late in this (House) / Don’t give a f–k about my (House) / Then get the f–k up out of my house.” Move over real estate agents; Beyoncé’s house is where the real action’s at!

So, buckle up, because Queen Bey just turned December into a non-stop dance party, and we’re all invited to the house-warming extravaganza!

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