Meg Bellamy Opens Up About Filming Kate Middleton’s Fashion Show on ‘The Crown’

Meg Bellamy spills the royal tea on strutting her stuff in that unforgettable lingerie fashion show for the upcoming season of The Crown!

At the tender age of 21, Meg takes on the regal role of Kate Middleton, or as we know her, Catherine, Princess of Wales. In one of the upcoming episodes of the Netflix sensation, she had the Herculean task of recreating a sheer moment that will leave viewers blushing and giggling.

Giggling like a schoolgirl, Meg gushed to E! News, “It was an absolute riot getting dolled up in that iconic outfit I’ve seen a zillion times before. The dress preparations were like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded—mesh here, ribbons there, it was like royal origami!”

With wide eyes and a hint of nerves, she confessed, “I admit, I was a bit jittery beforehand. I mean, we’re talking about a scene with more historical weight than a library full of dusty textbooks. But when the director, Erik Richter Strand, turned the set into a laughter-filled playground, all my nerves fluttered away faster than a royal corgi chasing a squirrel.”

The lingerie extravaganza is set to grace our screens in the latter half of The Crown’s sixth season. Brace yourselves for a spectacle that’ll have you clutching your pearls—or perhaps, in this case, your royal scepter. Check out the sneak peek of the scandalous scene in the trailer, and get ready for a right royal laugh!

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