Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Hold Hands After “Homewrecker” Accusations

Brace yourselves for a comedy spectacle! Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater are strolling through life, hand in hand, leaving a trail of love confetti behind them. Why? Because no amount of homewrecker allegations can cramp their style.

In a recent New York escapade, the dynamic duo showcased their romance with a masterclass in PDA. Daily Mail even has the snapshots to prove it! As they sashayed through JFK, Ariana’s dog Toulouse played third wheel, probably wondering why his leash was suddenly the star of the show.

Dressed in stealthy black, the lovebirds aimed for undercover chic. Ariana sported a gray crewneck, black joggers, and a coat that could probably survive a blizzard. Oh, and let’s not forget the fur-accented footwear – because even love needs some fancy kicks. To top it off, she rocked a hat advertising their upcoming film “Wicked.” Subtle much?

Ethan, not to be outdone in the fashion department, kept it cool in a white T-shirt, black joggers, and the obligatory Nike trainers. A rugged brown bag slung over his back, a pink bag in hand – a man of many accessories. And of course, both masked up, because even lovebirds follow health guidelines.

Ariana, the lyrical wizard, recently dropped “Yes, And?” – a musical masterpiece where she tells haters to take a hike. “No I won’t hide underneath your own projections,” she belts out, probably imagining her critics drowning in a sea of sunflowers and purple blooms. She and Ethan, with Toulouse in tow, even took a floral pit stop outside the airport – because when life gives you bouquets, you flaunt them!

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Now, critics be critiquing, with some dubbing her a “homewrecker.” Even Candace Owens chimed in, calling Ariana a “proud homewrecker” on her podcast. “She does not care about ruining your relationship,” Owens exclaimed. Well, someone get this girl a superhero cape, because Ariana Grande, the Unapologetic Homewrecker, is here to steal your man and your sunflowers. Yes, and? She doesn’t care!

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Hold Hands After “Homewrecker” Accusations


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