Olivia Rodrigo Reveals She Doesn’t Like Some of Her Old Music

Guess what? Olivia Rodrigo spilled some top-secret tea in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, and we’re here to spill it in a hilariously revamped way!

The 20-year-old sensation spilled the beans on why she plays the ultimate guessing game with her songs and why some of her older tunes are giving her the side-eye.

So, about those ancient relics called “older music,” Olivia spilled, “Okay, some of them, let’s just say they’re not on my playlist anymore. I mean, I don’t want to name names – it’s like breaking up with your favorite sweater. People might cry rivers because, hey, that used to be their jam. But c’mon, even I’ve outgrown a few musical onesies.”

Remember that time Olivia shot to stardom with “Driver’s License” in 2021? Yeah, she does too, and she’s probably wondering if her driver’s license also came with a rewind button for those cringe-worthy tracks.

Olivia also spilled the beans on her super-secret spy mission: keeping the identities behind her songs under wraps. “I’m not throwing shade, but it’s just not my style to call people out. Imagine if I did – I’d need a hotline just to clarify the gossip on every new tune!” Olivia joked.

So, in Olivia’s world, she’s not just a pop sensation; she’s a mystery mastermind, leaving fans in a perpetual game of musical Clue. As for those old songs, well, let’s just say they’re now on the shelf, collecting dust, like that sweater you swore you’d wear again but never did. Keep slaying, Olivia, in the world of music and enigmatic interviews! 🎤✨

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