Hugh Grant Says He Loves BLACKPINK

Hugh Grant has officially joined the ranks of K-Pop enthusiasts, and it’s all thanks to his eldest daughter, Tabitha. The charming Brit spilled the beans on his newfound love for Blackpink during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon, ever the master of getting celebrities to spill their secrets, teased Hugh about his Blackpink fandom. “I can say that you are a fan of Blackpink,” Fallon slyly remarked.

And there it was, the confession we didn’t know we needed. Hugh Grant, the dashing star of Music And Lyrics, unabashedly declared, “I love Blackpink.” Cue the collective gasps of fans and the echoes of “Mr. Darcy” harmonizing with K-Pop beats.

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But, of course, Fallon wasn’t about to let Hugh off the hook without some evidence. He flashed Hugh’s July tweet on the screen, where the actor expressed gratitude to three eleven-year-olds for taking him to see Blackpink. “Am rabid Blink now. Slept with my heart hammer,” Hugh had tweeted.

For those not in the know, a “Blink” is the esteemed title bestowed upon K-Pop group fans. And “heart hammer”? That’s the affectionate term for Blackpink’s official concert glow stick, aptly named Hammer Bong. Yes, you heard it right – Hugh Grant, heartthrob extraordinaire, now sleeps with a glow stick. Who would’ve thought?

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Jimmy, always the inquisitive host, probed further, asking, “Are you a Blink?” With an air of newfound enlightenment, Hugh replied, “Now I am, yes. I have a daughter who dragged me to this thing.”

Hugh then hilariously admitted that K-Pop wasn’t automatically a preference for a “grumpy 63-year-old Englishman.” But the tale takes an unexpected turn when he recounts attending a massive Blackpink concert in Hyde Park. “It was like The Exorcist! But, after an hour, I’m,” Hugh quipped, leaving us hanging on the edge of our seats. The suspense is killing us, Hugh!

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Hugh Grant, the unexpected K-Pop convert, wielding a Hammer Bong and living his best Blink life. Move over, Mr. Darcy; there’s a new heartthrob in town, and this one dances to the beats of Blackpink. What a time to be alive!

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