Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Featured in Kitson’s ‘Holiday Hypocrites’ Exhibit

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are the latest victims of a laugh-out-loud holiday roast at Kitson Los Angeles, a store that’s got a PhD in poking fun at the rich and famous. It’s like the store decided, “Move over, Santa, we’ve got some royal roasting to do!”

For the fourth year running, Kitson’s holiday tradition involves turning A-listers into the butt of their jokes, and this time, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are wearing the festive dunce caps. Someone over there must’ve had a blast with Photoshop, because now Meghan and Harry are rocking Christmas hats like it’s a royal fashion statement.

Beneath this masterpiece of holiday mockery are juicy screenshots from the New York Post and the Daily Mail, throwing shade at the royal couple’s not-so-humble habit of riding private jets. It’s like the store’s saying, “We see you, Meg and Harry, cruising on clouds of privilege.”

The display isn’t just about festive headgear and virtual eyerolls; it’s a reminder of that epic 40-minute private jet joyride from Santa Barbara to Katy Perry’s concert in Nevada. They even hopped back on the same sky chariot to return to California. Talk about a royal round trip in style!

Kitson Los Angeles, with all the subtlety of a Christmas tree in July, decided to make this a highlight in their annual “Rich and Famous: The Not-So-Eco-Friendly Edition.” The commentary is crystal clear: Meg and Harry, you’ve been crowned the holiday hypocrites of the year.

Enter Kinsey Schofield, the royal commentator who couldn’t resist capturing this moment of hilarity at Kitson’s Robertson Blvd outpost. The photo spread like wildfire, bringing the world’s attention to the store’s creative take on the Sussexes’ jet-setting escapades.

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In a twist of fate (or should we say, in a plot twist better than any Hollywood movie), while Prince William, Harry’s bro, was opting for an eco-friendly commercial flight from the UK to Singapore, the Sussexes were soaring through the skies on their private magic carpet.

Prince William’s green move was all tied to attending the Earthshot Prize awards, showing us that he’s serious about reducing his carbon footprint. Meanwhile, Prince Harry seems to be having a harder time letting go of the private jet perks.

Flashback to 2019 when Harry tried to smooth things over, claiming that sometimes, just sometimes, the royal fam needs a private jet for safety reasons. It’s like he’s saying, “We can’t risk bumping into commoners at the airport; the horror!”

The tale of two royal brothers and their conflicting views on air travel. One’s making eco-friendly choices while the other is riding the private jet wave like it’s his own personal magic carpet. Welcome to the royal sky-high drama, where even the clouds have opinions.


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