Lily Allen Slams Russell Brand for 2007 Rape Joke

We’ve got a tale from the yesteryears that’ll make you question the sanity of a group of so-called comedians. So, Lily Allen walks into a room with Russell Brand, Jimmy Carr, Noel Fielding, and Jonathan Ross – sounds like the start of a bad joke, right? Well, brace yourselves, because it kinda is.

Back in the ancient times of 2007, on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, things got weirder than a cat wearing tap shoes. Jonathan Ross, the mastermind, decided to play protector and moved Lily away, declaring her the “only sexually attractive young lady” in the room. Now, if that doesn’t set the stage for a comedy of errors, what does?

Ross quipped about Lily going home with her dress still on, and Russell, being the smooth operator he is, added his two cents, claiming they’re not rapists. Well, thank goodness for small mercies, right? Jimmy Carr, never one to miss a beat, questioned why Russell was wearing a cape if he wasn’t a rapist. Noel Fielding, the wild card, clarified that it was a Jack the Ripper cape. Because nothing says fashion like a notorious serial murderer.

Now, Lily, being the good sport she was, laughed along with the madness. In a shocking revelation, she spilled the beans to Grazia about feeling a tad uncomfortable about the whole “rape joke” thing. Well, no kidding! In her defense, she blamed the culture of the time, but we can’t help but wonder if that’s just a euphemism for “What the heck were we thinking back then?”

A comedy night that aged like milk. Let’s hope our sense of humor has evolved since then, cape-wearing non-rapists and all!

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