Matthew Perry Remembered by ‘Friends’ Dad Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner, the fabulous 69-year-old actress, wants to share some giggles and heartfelt memories about her TV offspring, Matthew Perry.

You might remember Kathleen as Helena Handbasket, the unforgettable transgender dad to Chandler Bing, played by the one and only Matthew.

So, our beloved Matthew shuffled off this mortal coil at the sprightly age of 54, and Kathleen, in her wisdom, has a story to share. She recalls the time Matthew came to see her Broadway show. When he laid eyes on her backstage, he shouted, “Hey dad!” and the whole theater probably thought they’d entered a sitcom crossover. We’re talking “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” meets “Friends” – now that’s a crossover we’d tune in for.

Now, despite not having seen each other for a good decade, Kathleen can’t shake the memory of Matthew’s personality. She’s got a soft spot for him, as we all do. He had a heart as big as Central Perk, and a sense of humor that could rival the best stand-up comedians. But it’s not just the laughs; he had a genuine fondness for people. A rare find in the acting world, or so Kathleen tells us.

In a more serious moment, she laments how young Matthew was and how it’s a real shame he couldn’t wrangle more control over his life. But let’s not dwell on the sad stuff – we’re here to laugh and remember.

Kathleen also takes a moment to tip her hat to the Friends cast. She reckons being part of such a global phenomenon must have been more pressure than trying to fit into Joey’s pants. Imagine the weight of the world’s laughter on your shoulders!

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But here’s the kicker – Kathleen still gets recognized by a certain age group as Chandler’s dad. She met someone recently who asked if she was a movie star, and she replied, “Yeah, but before your time.” The curious fan inquired further, “Well, where would I know you from?” And with a grin, she dropped the bomb: “Chandler’s dad.” The reaction? “Oh, my God!” Classic!

Kathleen even reminisces about the time she was part of Chandler’s wedding to Monica, and she was married to none other than Morgan Fairchild. She quips that the wedding was so rushed, there was no time for anything but shooting. We can only imagine the wedding photos!

Kathleen shares a little insight into the tight-knit group of pals that was the Friends cast. She notes that while she was more in and out of Matthew’s life, those six iconic stars were like glue. A clique so tight, they made the Central Perk couch look like a distant relative at a family reunion.



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