Mystery Woman Seen With Matthew Perry Before Death Opens Up

We saw Matthew Perry out and about with a mystery lady just one day before his unexpected, and quite frankly bewildering, exit from the mortal realm.

On a sunny October 27th in the City of Angels, our beloved 54-year-old Friends star was spotted having a chummy lunch with a woman whose identity was shrouded in more mystery than a Phoebe Buffay song lyric. Fast forward to the following day, and poor Matthew was found having a rather aquatic rendezvous in his jacuzzi, or as we now fondly refer to it, his “Central Perk-ulator.”

Now, enter stage left the enigmatic lunch companion, who decided to unveil herself as the mysterious woman in question. Drumroll, please! It’s none other than the stunning model Athenna Crosby. In an act worthy of an Emmy-winning plot twist, Athenna took to her Instagram Story to spill the beans on her last encounter with the late, great Chandler Bing.

In the true spirit of suspense, Athenna teased, “I wasn’t planning on sharing this with the world, but what the heck, here it goes! I had the incredible privilege of knowing Matthew on a personal level.”

She went on to explain, “The news of his passing has left me feeling as perplexed as Ross when he couldn’t get his leather pants back on, but I believe it’s better to keep the focus on this man and his iconic legacy. He was known for his privacy, and I respected that during our friendship.”

With a dash of nostalgia and a pinch of laughter, Athenna confessed, “But, let me spill the Central Perk coffee beans – we were buddies, and I was one of the last folks to share a laugh with him before he made his grand exit.”

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In a plot twist that even Joey would appreciate, Athenna continued with juicy details about their lunch date. “Okay, so I never planned to blab, but now that the paparazzi have outed me as his last lunch companion, here it is – Matthew was on fire that Friday!”

She enthusiastically shared, “He was chatting away like Phoebe on her guitar, sharing his grand plans for the future. The man was beaming with joy and had more pep in his step than a caffeinated Gunther. So, let’s not jump to conclusions about his passing. Let’s remember him as the star who was about to make a triumphant comeback. Our showbiz world has bid adieu to a legend. Rest in ‘Smelly Cat’ peace, buddy.”

Athenna’s final act was to steer us towards Matthew’s gripping tell-all tale, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.” She urged us to delve into his narrative and reminded us to be kind to everyone we meet because, after all, we’re all just trying to navigate life’s quirks as best we can. So, in the immortal words of Joey, “How you doin’?”

Mystery Woman Seen With Matthew Perry Before Death Opens Up


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