Oprah Opens Up About Her Slim Physique at ‘The Color Purple’ Premiere

Oprah Winfrey strutted out like a dazzling unicorn at the grand unveiling of The Color Purple on Wednesday night (December 6) in the city of angels, where even the palm trees paused to take notes on her fabulousness.

In the glittering extravaganza, she rendezvoused with the maestro himself, director Steven Spielberg. Yes, the dynamic duo is not just ruling the red carpet, but they’re also playing the masterminds behind the scenes as producers of this cinematic masterpiece, slated to hit theaters on December 25, 2023. Can we get a “ho, ho, ho” for the holiday release?

Let’s rewind a bit, shall we? Back in ’85, Steven tried his hand at The Color Purple, and guess who stole the show? Our very own Oprah! She played Sofia, and oh boy, did she shine like a golden statuette. Oscar, are you listening?

Fast forward to the premiere, where Oprah played the VIP game, rubbing shoulders with director Blitz Bazawule, Tyler Perry, and the entire cast. It was a star-studded affair, and the purple carpet was practically levitating with all that star power.

But wait, the highlight of the night wasn’t just the dazzling lights and A-listers. It was ET daring to ask the question we all secretly wanted to scream: “Oprah, spill the beans on this goddess-like physique of yours! Is it some secret WeightWatchers magic, and can we sign up right here, right now?”

Oprah, being the queen of wit, replied with a twinkle in her eye, “Oh honey, it’s not a secret potion; it’s the whole darn cauldron! I’m keeping this fabulousity on a full-time contract.”

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And just in case you thought Oprah’s evening was all glam and no sweat, she casually dropped the bomb – “Guess what? I conquered the treadmill today!” Move over, world, Oprah’s on a roll, literally.

A premiere that was more fabulous than a disco ball at Studio 54, where Oprah’s sass and Steven’s genius collided to create a night to remember. Now, who’s up for a treadmill date with the queen herself? The line forms behind me!

Oprah Opens Up About Her Slim Physique at ‘The Color Purple’ Premiere


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