Margot Robbie Responds to Rumor She Wanted to Turn Britney Spears Memoir Into a Movie

Margot Robbie is setting the record straight and debunking more rumors than a conspiracy theorist at a tin foil convention. Brace yourselves for the tea, spilled in the sassiest way possible.

So, picture this: Margot, the 33-year-old Barbie extraordinaire, strolls into the 2023 Variety Power of Women event, probably leaving a trail of glitter and glamour in her wake. The paparazzi, always lurking in the shadows like overeager raccoons, pounce with burning questions about the alleged Hollywood squad (including Margot, Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes, and Brad Pitt) plotting to turn Britney Spears’ life saga into the next blockbuster.

And there, in the midst of fame’s dazzling chaos, Margot responds with a wink and a sprinkle of fairy dust: “No, no, I’m just hearing that tonight. It’s not true.” Cue the gasps, the dramatic music, and a few bewildered squirrels.

When the persistent interrogator presses on, daring to ask if Margot would ever step into the dazzling shoes of Britney, our Aussie queen just laughs it off like she’s auditioning for the role of Jester in a royal court comedy. “It’s not true,” she chuckles, leaving us to wonder if she’s secretly practicing her “Oops!… I Did It Again” dance moves behind closed doors.

In the grand saga of Hollywood gossip, Margot Robbie emerges as the superhero we never knew we needed – the Rumor Crusher, armed with wit and a killer sense of humor. As for the Britney biopic rumors, well, let’s just say Margot has officially labeled them as fiction, and we can all go back to sipping our metaphorical tea in peace.

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