Anya Taylor Joy And Malcolm McRae Got Married Two Years Ago

Guess what? Anya Taylor Joy just dropped the bombshell – she’s been keeping her marriage to musician Malcolm McRae under wraps since April Fool’s Day in 2022! That’s right, she pulled off the ultimate secret wedding maneuver.

It’s like a plot twist from one of her movies. We were all out here, sipping our tea, clueless about Anya’s marital status until she casually dropped the bomb. Talk about keeping a poker face!

Remember those sneaky rumors floating around in 2022 about Anya tying the knot? Well, turns out, they were as real as Malcolm’s guitar skills. Then there were those suspicious photos from October 2023 that had us all scratching our heads. But now, Anya’s stepping up to the mic and confirming, “Yup, we totally said ‘I do’ two years ago.”

In a classic Anya move, she took to Instagram with a post that’s as quirky as it gets. Anatomically correct heart cakes? Check. Dubbing herself the vampire Lestat? Check. And let’s not forget the bombshell reveal that she rocked a Dior gown for the occasion. Because why settle for anything less fabulous?

So, here’s to Anya and Malcolm – the reigning champions of secret nuptials! We salute you for keeping us on our toes and proving that love truly does conquer all, even sneaky paparazzi. Cheers to the coolest couple in town!


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