Kim Kardashian Slammed Over Halloween Decor in Light of World Events

Kim Kardashian’s Halloween décor has caused a real haunted hullabaloo, and it’s not the kind of spooktacular reception she was hoping for. The SKIMS founder decided to give her Instagram followers a tour of her monstrous mansion, but her choice of Halloween decorations didn’t exactly scream “boo-tiful” to everyone.

Now, before we dive into the frightful fracas, let’s set the stage. Kim went all out, and by “all out,” we mean ALL OUT. She showcased a chilling collection of fake human remains, including severed hands, gouged eyeballs, brains, and more, all drenched in faux blood. And if that wasn’t spine-tingling enough, she proudly displayed a tree that looked like it had auditioned for a role in a Tim Burton movie, covered in skulls and skeletons.

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But, hold on to your broomsticks, because not all of her fans were dancing the Monster Mash with delight. Some were quick to remind her that, given the world’s current state of affairs, her gruesome display was about as popular as a vampire at a blood bank.

In the comment section, they didn’t hold back:

“This is so appallingly senseless, not to mention tasteless, given the actual horrors occurring in the world right now.”
“The lack of consciousness and compassion is baffling!”
“You guys went too far, it’s actually uncomfortable to watch.”
“Tone-deaf to what some parts of the world are going through; money doesn’t buy taste or morals.”
“Can’t stand this family. You know how many people you could feed with the money spent on this?”

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As they say, opinions are like werewolves, everyone’s got one, and they can get a little hairy. So, Kim’s post may have vanished into the abyss of the Instagram ether, but the memory of this spooky spectacle will linger like a ghost in the night. 👻

Kim Kardashian Slammed Over Halloween Decor

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