Lisa Kudrow Believes Matthew Perry Died From Prescription Drugs

The entire Friends crew is reeling in disbelief over the unexpected turn of events involving their longtime buddy, Matthew Perry. It’s like they stumbled into an episode of “The One Where Things Got Seriously Weird!” Not only are they trying to make sense of it all, but one of them has come up with a theory that’s as heartbreaking as Ross’s “We were on a break!”

So, here’s the scoop: A little birdie close to Lisa Kudrow spilled the beans to the DailyMail, and the gang – Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer – are all scratching their heads over Matthew’s unfortunate hot tub escapade. It seems they suspect that Chandler might have mixed something more potent than Monica’s cleaning supplies with that bubbling Jacuzzi water.

As TMZ reported, Matthew was discovered in the Jacuzzi by his assistant, apparently having an aquatic adventure that took a tragic turn. He’d been enjoying a hearty two-hour game of pickleball before his hot tub hijinks. No illegal substances were found on the scene, but they did stumble upon antidepressants, anti-anxiety pills, and a prescription drug usually reserved for people with emphysema or chronic bronchitis. Now, we know he was a former smoker, but this is taking “going up in smoke” to a whole new level.

Considering Matthew’s well-documented struggles with alcohol and opiates, Lisa and the gang are entertaining the possibility that he might have, unintentionally, slipped into the Great Beyond due to medication shenanigans.

In the words of the insider: “Although no one wants to believe it was medication — prescribed or not — of course, that is a thought in their minds.” Yep, that’s the kind of “could this BE any more tragic?” moment that makes you want to escape to Barbados, right?

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But here’s the kicker: They’re not accusing him of an overdose or a tumble back into old habits. Instead, they’re speculating that he might have ingested something that wasn’t besties with the warm water. Oh, Joey, could it BE any more bewildering?

An investigation is underway to unravel the mystery behind his untimely departure, and if it turns out to be a bizarre accident, it would be even more tragic, considering how he’d put in Herculean effort to stay sober. Lisa, who played the quirky Phoebe on the beloved show, is reportedly baffled by the whole ordeal. I mean, picture her looking at the situation and saying, “Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, what did they put in that?”

And to add a supernatural twist to the tale, Lisa can’t help but find it eerily coincidental that Matthew’s last Instagram post showed him chilling in the very same spot where he met his watery fate. The plot thickens like Monica’s Thanksgiving gravy.

What’s next, you ask? Well, Lisa is thinking about adopting Matthew’s dog, Alfred. Talk about a heartwarming gesture! It’s as if she’s saying, “How you doin’, Alfred? You’re my lobster now.” If his immediate family can’t or won’t take care of the pup, who better than Phoebe Buffay to give him a loving home?

The Friends cast and everyone who knew and loved Matthew Perry must be going through a rollercoaster of emotions right now. He’d faced his demons, pulled himself together, and was having the best year of his life since his book launch. It’s truly heart-wrenching that it had to end like this. R.I.P., Chandler Bing; you’ll always have a reserved spot in our hearts – right next to the orange couch.


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