Selena Gomez Shares a Cute Photo With Her ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Co-Stars

Selena Gomez is throwing it back to the good times with her partners in crime and co-conspirators on Only Murders in the Building, dynamic duo Steve Martin and Martin Short.

The ex-Disney wizard, now a seasoned 31-year-old mischief-maker, hit up her Instagram with a comedy gold mine on Sunday—a carousel post featuring this trio of troublemakers. The pictures tell a tale of a love affair so strong it could rival a rom-com.

Kicking off the reel is a shot from the Hulu series, capturing the magic in the making. Next up, Gomez shares the frame with the legendary Martin, 78, and then with the perpetually hilarious Short, 73. There’s more! Hugs galore in different settings, goofy group shots, and candid moments that could make even the Grinch crack a smile.

Even the show’s Instagram account couldn’t resist showering love on this comedic masterpiece, throwing in a comment that screamed, “BFFs [heart emoji].” Hulu, not to be outdone, jumped into the ring, declaring, “this friendship”—as if we needed a PhD in friendshipology to figure that one out.

Our Rare Beauty queen spilled the beans on her escapades with Martin and Short, confessing that they’ve become tighter than a jar of pickles since the show’s debut in 2021.

In an interview with TheWrap back in June, Gomez spilled the beans, saying, “They’ve turned my knack for mischief into an art form.” She went on, “I dream of reaching their comedic heights one day. They can turn the most mundane situation into a circus of laughter, and I’m here for it.”

Age is just a number, and Selena attests to that, emphasizing how the seasoned pros made her feel like part of the club from the get-go.

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Before the cameras started rolling, she had her concerns, admitting, “I was sweating bullets, worried I’d be the loner on set, stuck with Steve and Marty.” But fear not! They adopted her faster than a lost puppy, showering her with banter, laughs, and the occasional gem of wisdom.

Gomez spilled the beans, confessing, “All my worries about feeling like a lone wolf vanished. Now, they’re stuck with me, and I’m stuck with them. It’s a match made in comedic heaven!”


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