Jacob Elordi to Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ With Musical Guest Renee Rapp

Guess who’s crashing the Saturday Night Live party? None other than the heartthrob himself, Jacob Elordi! That’s right, the 26-year-old Saltburn sensation is making his grand entrance to the SNL stage, and we’re all wondering if the stage can handle that level of handsomeness.

Mark your calendars for January 20, because Jacob is about to rock your Saturday night socks off. It’s the first show after the holiday break, and what better way to kick off the new year than with a dash of Elordi charm?

Joining Jacob in this comedic extravaganza is the fabulous Renee Rapp, the musical sensation who’s ready to turn the SNL stage into her own personal Mean Girls musical. Move over, Broadway—SNL is the new stage for musical greatness.

The big reveal happened during the December 16 holiday episode, hosted by the hilarious Kate McKinnon and featuring the musical talents of none other than Billie Eilish. It’s like the holiday gift we never knew we needed—Elordi, Rapp, McKinnon, and Eilish all in one SNL episode!

Jacob’s taking the stage after wowing us with his back-to-back hit movies. First, he brought Elvis Presley back to life in Priscilla, and then he teamed up with Barry Keoghan for the cinematic masterpiece that is Saltburn. Now, he’s set to conquer the late-night comedy scene. Move over, Hollywood, there’s a new star in town, and he’s armed with killer comedic timing.

So, set your DVRs, prepare for laughter-induced bellyaches, and get ready for a night of unforgettable entertainment. Jacob Elordi is in the building, and SNL is about to get a whole lot handsomer!

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