First Responders Reveal Details About Finding Matthew Perry in a Jacuzzi

Matthew Perry found himself in quite the pickle on Saturday (October 28). The actor, known for his snarky charm on Friends, tragically exited the stage of life at the tender age of 54.

But there’s more to this tragic tale! The first responders, who swooped in like real-life superheroes, have a scoop on what they encountered that fateful night.

So, picture this: Matthew Perry, former King of Sarcasm, was found in a “stand-alone jacuzzi” – yes, you read that correctly, a standalone jacuzzi, because regular bathtubs are just too mainstream. And what was he doing in there, you ask? Well, he was apparently taking a surprise nap. We all know Chandler Bing had his moments of quirky behavior, but this takes the cake.

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan had already sprang into action. They fished his head out of the water and hauled him to the edge. But here’s where our real-life heroes, the firefighters, stepped in to save the day. They came to the scene and decided it was time to rescue Matthew from his unscheduled underwater siesta.

However, here’s the punchline that no one wanted to hear: after a lightning-fast medical check, it turns out our dear Chandler had already checked out of the comedy club of life before the first responders could even grab a seat.

It seems even in the afterlife, Matthew Perry couldn’t resist a dramatic exit, leaving us all with one last twist in this tragic, albeit strangely comical, tale. Goodnight, Chandler Bing, you’ve officially left the building!

@metrouk A 911 call made by Matthew Perry’s assistant to emergency crew has resurfaced after the actor was found dead aged 54. Matthew’s cause of death remains unconfirmed, but in the clip, we can hear a reference to ‘drowning’. This was just before first responders found him unresponsive in a hot tub at his LA home. Matthew’s autopsy results came back as ‘inconclusive'. #fyp #matthewperry #ripmatthewperry #911call #celebnews #breakingnews #losangeles #chandlerbing #friends #uspolice #policenews ♬ original sound – MetroUK

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