Paris Hilton Slams Fans Who Are Making Fun of Her Son Phoenix’s Appearance

Paris Hilton is firing back at the social media trolls who decided to play judge and jury on her son Phoenix’s adorable noggin. The 42-year-old maestro of all things fabulous and now a proud mom of two found herself knee-deep in a comment section war zone when some keyboard warriors decided to critique the cranial dimensions of her 10-month-old bundle of joy.

When probed about the haters, Paris threw shade with a sparkle, telling People, “Normally, I wouldn’t even bother acknowledging this kind of nonsense, but seriously, people? We’re talking about a baby here! I mean, come on, have you run out of cat videos to watch or what?”

In a tone as sassy as her signature catchphrase, she lamented, “I was genuinely heartbroken that we live in a world where some find joy in being mean to an innocent, pint-sized human. I mean, seriously, have they even seen baby shoes? They’re tiny and adorable – just like Phoenix’s head!”

With the protective fierceness of a mama bear, Paris declared, “You can diss my closet, my chihuahua, or even my secret stash of glitter, but when it comes to my little cherub, it’s game over. If anyone messes with him, they’ll have to deal with the wrath of the original reality queen turned mommy bear!”

Addressing the trolls with a touch of pity, she spilled the tea, saying, “I guess these trolls are so miserable in their lives that they’ve decided to take it out on a baby. I mean, really? If you’re that desperate for attention, I’ll send you a selfie or something. But leave the baby out of it – he’s got more important things to do, like perfecting his adorable gurgling noises and mastering the art of stealing hearts with his baby blues.”

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To all the haters out there, Paris has a message: “Save the drama for your llama or something. My son’s head is perfect, just like his mama, and that’s the last word on the matter!”

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