Lisa from BLACKPINK Falls Victim to ‘Crazy Horse’ DeepFake Video

BLACKPINK’s Lisa found herself at the center of an outrageous deep fake video controversy! It all began when a clip supposedly from her Crazy Horse Paris performance started making the rounds and boy, did things get crazy.

So, after Lisa’s K-pop extravaganza at the cabaret, some folks weren’t exactly applauding in unison. Then, like a digital ninja, a deep fake video emerged, showing our beloved LALISA hit-maker shaking her groove thang. But here’s the kicker: it wasn’t entirely her face on that dancing diva! Nope, someone did some sneaky facial gymnastics to put Lisa’s face where it didn’t belong.

Cue the BLINKS, those dedicated fans of BLACKPINK, who didn’t hesitate to unleash their fan fury on social media. They rallied their troops, aimed their virtual pitchforks at Lisa’s label, YG Entertainment, and Crazy Horse Paris management, demanding they zap that fake video into oblivion.

Fans were on a mission, and they shared that deep fake masterpiece all over the internet, accompanied by a clear message: “Yo, this twisted video of Lisa getting down at Crazy Horse is a big, fat lie. It’s messing with her rep as a guest star and messing with your precious intellectual property. So, pretty please, could you consider suing this thing into the digital abyss?”

Now, for those who didn’t have a front-row seat to the drama, Lisa rocked the cabaret during a three-day performance from September 28 to September 30. It was quite the spectacle, but here’s the twist – Crazy Horse Paris had a “no-gadget” rule. That’s right, no phones, no cameras, no evidence! Which had some folks scratching their heads about the authenticity of that deep fake video. Did it really happen? Did Lisa turn into a digital dance sensation? Or was it all just an illusion? The plot thickens! 🕵️‍♂️🤖💃

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