Selena Gomez Rocks Oscar de la Renta to The Emmy’s 2023 Red Carpet

Guess who just rolled onto the red carpet like a glittering tornado of fabulousness? None other than the unstoppable Selena Gomez, ready to conquer the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards with the finesse of a seasoned pro and the charm of a mischievous unicorn.

At the ripe age of 31 (which is practically ancient in Hollywood years, if you ask her immortal celebrity pals), our girl from “Only Murders in the Building” dazzled under the dazzling lights of the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles. The building wasn’t the only thing being murdered that night—Selena was straight-up slaying the fashion game.

And hold onto your awards, because the show that’s hotter than a jalapeño in a sauna is in the running for not one, but two Emmy Awards! “Only Murders in the Building” is gunning for the title of Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. If laughs were gold, Selena would be swimming in a pool of Emmys right about now.

But that’s not all, my friends! The cherry on top of this comedic sundae is none other than Martin Short, Selena’s partner in crime (and comedy), who’s vying for the crown of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Move over, other actors, Martin is here to steal your thunder and make you laugh while doing it.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, isn’t this the 2023 Emmy Awards? Why on earth are we talking about it in January?” Well, dear reader, blame it on Hollywood’s love for drama, and not the scripted kind. The ceremony got tangled up in some labor disputes, causing a delay fit for a Hollywood blockbuster. So, here we are, on a Monday night, adding a sprinkle of chaos to the awards season calendar.

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Grab your popcorn, because this Emmy night is going to be wild! Anthony Anderson is taking the reins as the host, ready to guide us through this rollercoaster of laughter and suspense. It’s all happening live on Fox, and we can’t wait to see who takes home the coveted golden trophies. Check out the nominations, place your bets, and let the Emmy extravaganza begin!

Selena Gomez Rocks Oscar de la Renta to The Emmy’s 2023 Red Carpet


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