Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns Found Love in a Pandemic

So, picture this: a 26-year-old model and a 27-year-old NBA star walk into a pandemic, and what do they do? Well, they date, of course! Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns decided to give romance a whirl back in May 2020, and boy, have they been spinning together ever since.

At the swanky Femme It Forward’s 2023 Give Her FlowHERS Gala, Jordyn decided to let us in on the secret sauce that’s been keeping their love sizzling like bacon on a Sunday morning. She dove into the depths of their relationship and emerged with some pearls of wisdom, and a sprinkle of humor.

“Before we decided to become an official ‘item,’ we were like two peas in a socially-distanced pod,” she quipped. “Thanks to the COVID era, we had all this time on our hands to really figure each other out. You know, most people jump into relationships without even knowing if their partner prefers crunchy or creamy peanut butter. But not us!”

Jordyn continued, with a sly grin, “We’ve been through a lot together. I’m talking bad hair days, ‘what’s for dinner’ dilemmas, and even ‘who gets the last piece of pizza’ showdowns. We’ve seen each other at our best and our ‘just woke up’ worst, so I think we’ve got a solid foundation here.”

When asked about their secret relationship ingredients, Jordyn spilled the beans. “Quality time! We’re talking about hours and hours of binging cheesy romantic comedies and trying out bizarre cooking recipes together. Plus, we’ve got this epic tradition of exchanging outrageously extravagant gifts for every holiday. You should see our Christmas trees – they practically light up the whole neighborhood!”

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As for Karl-Anthony’s birthday, Jordyn’s got big plans. “I mean, come on, I can’t let the man down on his special day. I’m going to one of his Minnesota Timberwolves games, and I’ll be there, waving a giant foam finger, with his face on it, no less. That’s how you show love, people!”

Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns are the pandemic’s power couple who’ve turned social distancing into a masterclass in love and laughter. Who knew a global crisis could lead to such a heartwarming, hilarious love story? Stay tuned for the next chapter of “Love in the Time of COVID”!


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