Kendall Jenner Tells Vogue She’s Going Through A Rough Phase In Her Life

Get ready to grab your popcorn, because Kendall Jenner just spilled the tea in a jaw-dropping interview that’s juicier than a ripe watermelon on a hot summer day!

In a chat with Vogue, the 28-year-old supermodel dished about everything from her rocky moments to her runway triumphs, sprinkling in some Kardashian wisdom and a dash of her signature sass. Buckle up, because we’re diving into the highlights, and trust us, it’s a rollercoaster ride you don’t want to miss.

First up, Kendall spilled the tea on her meteoric rise to runway fame, reminiscing about her humble beginnings and that pivotal Marc Jacobs show that kickstarted her career. She went from “I don’t know how this is going to go” to strutting her stuff for fashion powerhouses like Givenchy and Chanel faster than you can say “fashionista frenzy.”

Despite her runway reign, Kendall didn’t escape the clutches of the haters. She revealed how the doubters tried to rain on her fabulous parade, but she ain’t letting negativity rain on her runway parade! With the confidence of a queen, she flipped the script, declaring herself the ultimate “pleasant surprise” to her naysayers. You thought, huh? Think again!

And let’s not forget the Kardashian sisterhood solidarity. Kendall spilled some sisterly advice from Khloe, who schooled her on the art of brushing off online haters like pesky gnats at a picnic. Wise words, Khloe, wise words indeed.

But hold onto your hats because Kendall isn’t just strutting down the runway, she’s also taking us on a journey through her rollercoaster of emotions. From her candid confession about being a “negative thinker” to navigating the treacherous waters of reality TV (spoiler alert: it’s not her cup of tea), Kendall keeps it realer than a reality show reunion.

And guess what? She’s not afraid to show her vulnerable side. Kendall bravely opened up about her rough patch, serving us a slice of raw honesty with a side of vulnerability. From feeling more anxious than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs to being “so tired emotionally,” Kendall proves that even supermodels have their off days.

But fear not! Kendall’s got a game plan. She’s channeling her inner Marie Kondo, decluttering her emotional baggage in preparation for her fabulous 30s. It’s like spring cleaning for the soul, and Kendall’s got her sparkle mop ready!

And what about those grand plans for mini-Kendalls running around by age 27? Well, life had other ideas, and Kendall’s rolling with the punches like a champ. While her sisters are knee-deep in mommy duty, Kendall’s savoring her “kidless freedom” like it’s the last scoop of ice cream in the tub. Who needs diapers when you’ve got designer handbags, right?

Kendall Jenner, the queen of the catwalk and the reigning champ of keeping it real. Whether she’s strutting her stuff or spilling the tea, Kendall’s got us hooked, line, and couture sinker.

Kendall Jenner Tells Vogue She’s Going Through A Rough Phase In Her Life

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