Trisha Paytas Opens Up About Her Online Empire and How Much Money She Makes

Trisha Paytas, the internet sensation who’s basically the Beyoncé of YouTube (at least in her mind), spilled the tea in a recent interview with Jordan Firstman for Polyester Zine. Forget CNN or Fox News; this is where you get the real, hard-hitting journalism, people.

Let’s talk cash, honey! Trisha dished about the good old days of YouTube when people were just posting videos of their cats doing the cha-cha. Her first videos were shorter than my attention span – 59 seconds because she had no clue how to edit. Now, in the era of glam, glitz, and viral TikToks, she’s giving TV the side-eye because, seriously, who needs $55,000 an episode when you can rake in that moolah in a week online? Move over, Wendy Williams; Trisha’s here to snatch those views.

Now, let’s take a stroll down memory lane – Trisha’s emotional rollercoaster on the internet. She’s practically the poster child for turning mess into success. TikTok compilations remind her of the good ol’ days when she was the queen of chaos. But hold on, because now she’s happily married with a baby. Who knew she’d go from chaos to diapers? Miracles do happen, people.

Trisha spilled the deets on her daily grind. Before marriage, she was pumping out five videos a day. Then, when she got knocked up, her schedule got as easy as Sunday morning. But don’t be fooled; she hustled harder than a contestant on a game show right before giving birth. OnlyFans, ASMR, main channel videos – she did it all. And, yes, she even filmed in the hospital. Talk about dedication to the content game!

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Let’s not forget the OnlyFans era. Trisha got a taste of that sweet, sweet adult content money and loved every scandalous second of it. But then, cupid shot his arrow, and she met Moses. Suddenly, the wild summer of OnlyFans came to an end. Sorry, subscribers, no more exclusive content; Trisha found her happily ever after.

No team, no problem. Trisha doesn’t need a squad; she’s a one-woman show. Managers came and went like the latest TikTok trends, but Trisha remained the captain of her own ship. And oh, the popstar era! Music videos, millions spent, and tears shed. It was like a Hollywood blockbuster, except Trisha was the star and the director.

Fast forward to today, and Trisha’s dreaming big. Move over, Dollywood, because Trisha’s eyeing a Bollywood film and a Trish museum. Picture this: themed rooms, Korean fried cheese, butter noodles – it’s a Trisha experience extravaganza. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a night in the Malibu Barbie room?

Lastly, the gays. Trisha’s got love for her LGBTQ+ fans, especially the gays. They’ve been with her through thick and thin, and her tours were practically a Pride parade. She’s still figuring out the magic formula to attract the gays, but hey, if Britney can do it, so can she. And, by the way, Trisha’s still in her anti-straight men era. Sorry, bros, you’ve always scared her. It’s a tough world out there for the hetero dudes in Trisha’s kingdom.

Trisha Paytas Reveals How Much Money She Makes Online


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