The Real Martha From Netflix’s ‘Baby Reindeer’ Gives Her First TV Interview

Move over, drama queens of reality TV! Fiona Harvey, aka the rumored “real Martha” from Netflix’s Baby Reindeer, has finally graced our screens with her presence in a mind-boggling interview that’s juicier than a ripe watermelon on a hot summer’s day.

So, picture this: Richard Gadd concocts this series, right? He’s strutting around playing Donny Dunn, a character inspired by his own misadventures with a cougar-esque stalker. And then there’s Jessica Gunning, bless her soul, who stars as Martha, the woman giving Donny more attention than a puppy on Christmas morning. Richard, being the creative genius he is, tweaks Martha’s character to make her as unrecognizable as a pineapple in a fruit salad.

But wait, the real star of the show steps into the spotlight. Fiona, our dear alleged “Martha,” spills the beans to none other than Piers Morgan in a tell-all interview that’s hotter than a jalapeño eating contest.

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“In the wild jungle of the internet, they hunted me down like I was the last chocolate chip cookie in the jar,” Fiona confesses, probably with a dramatic hair flip. “Death threats, honey! I had no choice but to grab the mic and spill the tea.”

Now, let’s play a game of truth or dare, shall we?

TRUE: Fiona confesses to dubbing Richard “baby reindeer” after he shaved his noggin. I mean, who wouldn’t want to nickname their friendly neighborhood stalker after a woodland creature?

FALSE: Hold your horses! Fiona vehemently denies flooding Richard’s inbox with a tsunami of 41,000 emails. “Come on, people, I’ve got better things to do! Like binge-watch Netflix.”

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TRUE: Fiona spills the beans that Richard promised to “hang her curtains” once. Well, isn’t that just the most romantic thing since sliced bread?

FALSE: Fiona’s like, “Nuh-uh, honey!” She insists she didn’t meet Richard by snagging a free drink at the bar. According to her, it was all about a casual chat until Richard crashed the party like a wrecking ball.

FALSE: Fiona’s sitting there, sipping her tea, claiming she only attended one of Richard’s comedy gigs and didn’t shout out like a banshee. Can we get a fact-checker, please?

FALSE: Fiona bats her eyelashes innocently, swearing she never laid a finger on Richard’s girlfriend. According to her, Richard was as single as a Pringle when they crossed paths.

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FALSE: Fiona shakes her head, denying she ever played detective by staking out Richard’s humble abode. She’s not a stalker, she’s just… enthusiastic?

FALSE: Fiona swears on her favorite Netflix series that she never dialed up Richard’s parents. Talk about dodging the awkward family reunions!

FALSE: Fiona’s throwing shade left and right, insisting she’s as innocent as a newborn lamb. No cuffs, no bars, no prison time. Case closed!

Now, grab your popcorn and settle in. The full interview is about to drop faster than Fiona’s hopes of ever living down her “Martha” reputation. Let the drama unfold!

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