Hilary Duff Tributes Stan Rogow, ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Producer, After Death

Hilary Duff is giving a shout-out to one of Hollywood’s original believers in her fabulousness – the one and only Stan Rogow, the brain behind Lizzie McGuire.

Stan, the maestro behind Lizzie McGuire and other glittery projects like Fame, bid adieu to this world on Thursday (December 7) at the ripe age of 75, leaving behind a legacy of awesomeness.

Upon receiving this news, Hilary couldn’t help but take to the digital stage to reminisce about the good ol’ days with Stan and express her gratitude for the impact he made on her life.

“Penning this down feels like unearthing artifacts from a bygone era… you know, back when I had no GPS for life, just a pocketful of blind optimism and a knack for stumbling into things,” Hilary giggled in a post on Instagram.

Continuing with a chuckle, she added, “You’ve got to treasure those who bet on you when you’re basically a lost puppy in the Hollywood jungle. And for me, there was this extraordinary dude who went to bat for me, securing a role that flipped my life like a pancake… and hearing he’s left the building today bums me out big time. Stan, thanks for thinking I had that ‘special thing.’ Thanks for all the Lizzie escapades. Thanks for turning my reality into a wild dream I didn’t know I had.”

“Sending good vibes to your fam and your boy Jackson during this cosmic shuffle. Chill in peace, Stan. XOXO,” Hilary signed off, probably with a wink and a virtual high-five.

Our hearts go out to the squad who had the pleasure of knowing Stan. May they find solace in the fact that he’s now the star of his own celestial show. RIP, Stan – may the afterlife be as legendary as your Hollywood journey!

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