Kim Kardashian On Kourtney Kardashian Dressing Up as Her for Halloween

This weekend, Kourtney Kardashian made a grand entrance with her 2023 Halloween costume, and she wasn’t holding back. She decided to serve up some ice-cold revenge to her dear sibling Kim, who had accused the SKIMS queen of copycat antics, by reenacting her sister’s wedding. But not just any wedding – a Dolce & Gabbana campaign wedding, darling! Yes, you heard that right – Kourtney donned the ultimate Kim K disguise!

In case you missed the fashion spectacle, Kourtney transformed herself into Kim’s iconic Met Gala look. You know the one, right? That unforgettable Givenchy gown covered in what seemed to be ’90s couch fabric, which she rocked back when she was expecting North in 2013. The world couldn’t help but roast that dress, comparing it to grandma’s living room furniture! Oh, the memories!

Now, feast your eyes on Kourt’s epic cosplay (scroll down for a chuckle):

Okay, we’ve got to hand it to her, it’s pretty darn accurate. So, the million-dollar question – who wore it better?

It appears that Kimmy Kakes took the whole charade in stride, even sharing Kourt’s masterpiece on her own Instagram Story, complete with three clapping emojis as her official seal of approval. But, you know how the internet works. People in the comments couldn’t resist chiming in with their own hot takes, offering gems like:

“She stole my wedding venue. She stole my wedding singer. She stole my wedding country. And now she’s stealing my sofa look!”

“This just proves that Kourtney is the funniest sister, hands down.”

“Only sisters can throw this kind of shade. Everyone else, take notes and mind your business!”

“Can we talk about how Kourtney is rocking the iconic sofa dress better than Kim? A fashion icon in the making!”

In the never-ending saga of sisterly shenanigans, Kourtney takes the cake, or should we say, the iconic sofa dress! 💃😂🛋

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