Denver Broncos Play “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift After Travis Kelce’s Team Loss

The “Taylor Swift Curse” is back in action! It’s like the universe’s own quirky comedy show, starring none other than Taylor Swift and her unwitting sidekick, Travis Kelce.

So, this time around, Taylor Swift decided to sit out the Kansas City Chiefs’ epic showdown against the Denver Broncos. And guess what? Travis Kelce’s team suffered a crushing defeat! It’s like the football gods are saying, “No Taylor, no victory!”

The Chiefs’ impressive winning streak hit a brick wall when the Broncos came charging in and handed them a 24-9 defeat. Surprise, surprise! It turns out the stats are pretty clear on this one: Travis’ football mojo skyrockets when his superstar girlfriend is there to cheer him on. But when she’s MIA, his game takes a nosedive. So, it was the Broncos’ time to shine, and they seized it.

But hold on to your helmets, because the Broncos didn’t stop at just claiming victory. Oh no, they decided to throw some playful shade at Travis Kelce. In a moment captured by an eagle-eyed fan, as the game concluded, the Broncos celebrated by blaring “Shake It Off” throughout Mile High Stadium! Talk about adding insult to injury, right?

Unfortunately, it seems Travis didn’t join in the impromptu Taylor Swift dance party this time, unlike that one glorious Friday when he was caught breaking it down to the catchy tune at the World Series. Poor guy better figure out how to break this so-called “curse” because Taylor Swift’s about to hit the road on tour again, and the football world is watching! Time to whip out some good-luck charm, Travis – maybe a boombox blasting Taylor’s hits at all times?

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