Adele Steals From Hotels Despite Being a Multi-Millionaire

Adele Confesses to Hotel Heists!

Believe it or not, Adele, the songbird swimming in a pool of cash worth £165 million, is on a crime spree—hotel amenities, watch out!

In a shocking revelation, the diva herself spilled the beans, confessing, “If I’m in a really swanky hotel, I take everything. I mean, who can resist those mini shampoos and plush robes? Not me!”

However, her grand plan of stocking up on swag has hit a hilarious snag. Why? Because Adele is gearing up to play hostess and is now in a panic that her upcoming guests might swipe her prized shower gel collection!

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“I’m genuinely concerned that everyone’s going to raid my place like it’s a Black Friday sale,” she teased. Living the high life in a £48 million Beverly Hills mansion with her sports agent hubby Rich Paul, Adele, at 35, clearly isn’t hurting for pennies. But hey, sharing is caring, right?

During one of her epic farewell shows in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace, the pop sensation shared her thieving tendencies with the crowd, as reported by MailOnline.

“Picture this—individually wrapped toothbrushes, shaving foam from brands you’ve never heard of, all in eco-friendly packaging, mind you. These are the little treasures you find in hotel rooms,” she confessed. “I’ve got guests dropping by soon, and I want to treat them like royalty. But here’s the kicker—I’m stuck with Amazon, so my options are a bit limited.”

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Ever the thoughtful hostess, Adele pondered aloud, “But then I start worrying that my place will turn into a scene from ‘Ocean’s Eleven.’ You know, people walking out with armfuls of goodies. Unlike hotels, where you’d be like, ‘Oh look, free Q-tips!'”

She continued her cheeky confession, asking the audience, “What’s the right etiquette here? I’d never pilfer stuff from a friend’s house, even if it’s meant for guest use. Imagine crashing at a mate’s pad, not a hotel, and, mind you, you’re there for free. You can’t be expecting a swag bag on your way out, can you?” Oh, Adele, the eternal question of guest etiquette in the age of hotel heists!

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